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  • GK Ghost

    Measure hands from tip of middle finger to base of hand where hand meets wrist. Please enter that measure measurement to nearest quarter. ex. if you measure at 7 .15 please enter 7.25 Thank you!


    1. Tip of middle finger to base of hand where hand meets wrist. Put this measurement in the area provided

    GK Ghost, the "coolest" glove on the market!

    The latest in breathable goalkeeper gloves. With the great comfort GKUnion would like to provide you with the best fit!

    Your Ghost Goalkeeper gloves from the #gkunion provides you with:

    1. Great comfort from the negative cut

    2. The best latex with the 4mm All-weather platinum latex

    3. The best protection with the GKUnion-vertebrae fingersavers. These latest technology in fingersaves provide the most flexible fingersavers on the market!

    You get all of this for only $65!!!!

    Contact our sales team for the correct sizing for your new GKUnion Ghost keeper gloves

    Tweet to @gkunionllc Store hours vary during different seasons, please call ahead. 324-774-7283