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  • Glove Glu Care System


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    gloveglu wash & prepare (120ml)

    Enhance the performance and longevity of your latex

    Removes dirt from the latex area of goalkeeping gloves using the exclusive DirTECH formula which lifts the

    dirt particles away from the latex, improves the surface, and prepares the gloves for enhanced play and a

    longer glove life.

    Recommend for use with gloveglu for enhanced glove performance and grip


    glovefresh (120ml)

    Keep your gloves smelling fresh and odour free.

    Due to its unique antibacterial formula GloveFresh is guaranteed to remove all odors caused by bacteria growing in your goalkeeping gloves.

    Unlike a perfume based spray, that simply masks a smell, GloveFresh works directly on the odor producing bacteria eliminating them and the unpleasant smell.

    You can’t control how much your hands sweat but you can fight the smell!

    • keep your gloves smelling fresh

    • neutralizes smells and bad odors

    kills germs and prevents infection

    scientifically formulated to kill bacteria


    gloveglu® (120ml)

    Revive your old gloves. Improve your new

    gloveglu enhances the grip of any goalkeeping glove with its unique formula

    Can be applied before or during the game and is equally effective in wet or dry conditions

    Suitable for any type of goalkeeping glove palm.

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