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  • Limited Edition RUSH Goalkeeper Gloves

    $55.00 $35.00

    RUSH Special Edition Gloves  

    Sizes 4 through 6.5 only $55 
    Sizes 7 and up $75

    Coaches, email our Sales team at to see how you can get a free pair of Rush Gloves

    Get in the Zone with your new GKUnion special edition Rush goalkeeper gloves

    *** Sizing *** Some half sizes available... 

    When using fingersavers in gloves, you may want to go up a half size than you are used to because of the tightness the fingersavers have on the glove. Example. I am a goalkeeper who wears a size 9, a size 9.5 would better fit with fingersaves in.

    The Rush GK Zone is everything you want in a goalkeeper glove!!!

    Your specialty GKUnion Rush glove has:

    4mm Supreme Contact latex, best latex on the market!

    - 5 finger removable finger saves (best quality in flexibility and strength)

    -  Specialized to GKUnion, a Rubber Gel palm saver, to help protect the latex when falling or getting up from the ground

    - Personalization Strap, get up to 10 characters on each wrist

    - Wrist pull tab to assist with putting on your gloves

    - Specialized RUSH logo on both the top and bottom of your gloves

    Feel like a pro with  personalization!

    Save your gloves from excessive tear with the newly designed rubber palm saver

    Get a custom fit with half sizing! A first in the US Glove market!


    Few ways to size:

    1. Measure tip of middle finger to base of hand/wrist, add about an inch

    2. Measure around your 4 middle fingers (do not include thumb), add about an inch

    3. Height table

    Size 4 4'0"- 4'5"
    Size 5 4'3"- 4'8"
    Size 6
    4'7" - 5'0"
    Size 7 4'11" - 5'3"
    Size 8
    5'3" - 5'8"
    Size 9 5'8" - 5'11"
    Size 10 5'11" - 6'2"
    Size 11 6'2" - 6'4"
    Size 12   6'5" - and up

    If you take all 3 factors into account this will get you the best fit possible for your new GKUnion Gloves

    If you fit in between sizes, remember, GKUnion has some half sizes available. If you like a tighter or looser fit, its always good to have half sizes!

    Remember, GKUnion supplies Storelli products, a great way to compliment your new gloves!

    Tweet to @gkunionllc Store hours vary during different seasons, please call ahead. 324-774-7283