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We will be CLOSED on November 12th, Veterans Day, thank you to the vets!!!
  • SKLZ Hydro-Roller


    Warm-up your muscles, joints, and tendons. Stay hydrated throughout your training sessions or practices. Then roll to help relieve aches and pains and shorten recovery times. Combining a durable, earth-friendly stainless steel water bottle with a high-quality foam roller, the Hydro-Roller fits the fluids, muscle warm-up, and recovery you need—in one convenient, easy-to-pack design. 


    • Stay hydrated to maximize sport performance
    • Foam roll to maintain flexible, healthy tissue
    • High-density foam for more efficient massage and trigger point release
    • Stainless steel bottle that won’t dent or crush
    • Convenient design cuts waste and the amount of items in your gear bag
    • Holds 28 oz. of fluid
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